Teaching true values to your children

Sometimes when we get lost in the race for educational achievements and other extracurricular accomplishments we forget that the best achievement that we can help our kids to achieve is good morals and values. Since morals and values can’t be cashed in or get our kid that prestige and status we always wanted them to have we tend to give lesser effort at instilling them in our child’s mind and heart.

Don’t take me wrong. All the above mentioned achievements are important and we do what we think is best for our child. Every parent dreams of their kid to be successful and happy in life and there is nothing wrong with that. All I am saying is that when we prioritize too much on these type of achievements we might forget to teach them how to be successful human beings. Thus the teachings of morals and values should come hand in hand with educational and other forms of achievements.


As parents you have been entrusted with a lot of responsibility to nurture your kids in good values and morals. Mentioned below are some of the basic values that you must focus on.

  1. a) Love and compassion

A child without a loving heart and a compassionate soul is going to be a worthless human being in future. They must learn to love not only the things that belong to him and the people who are his/ her family and friends but also the other things and people around them. They must learn to love the creation; the birds, the sky, the rain, the trees, the little streams and so much more. They must be taught to be compassionate towards each living and non-living thing.

  1. b) Empathy

You must install on them the deep value of empathy towards others. They must learn to know what it might feel like to be in another person’s shoes. It is our ability to feel empathy towards another that marks us as civilized beings that are bigger than that of animals. If such a quality is not embedded while young it would be difficult to develop when they grow older.

  1. c) The ability to lose gracefully

The world is a very competitive place and only the best can achieve their dreams. From kindergarten the children learn to compete in varying degrees in class, sports, education etc. While a child should be encouraged to win they should be encouraged to lose gracefully as well. Winning and losing are two sides of the same coin and one cannot always win as well as the fact that one cannot always lose. So teach then the value of learning to accept defeat humbly so that they will know how to truly appreciate their victories and understand how their opponents might feel.

  1. d) Teach them the value of working together.

Team building in Sydney are a great way of ensuring that your child learn the value of working together. He/she will learn that sometimes there are things that cannot be achieved alone and that they will need the help of another along the way to reach a specific goal. Accepting help is not defeat.

  1. e) Teach them how to respect and how to earn respect

This is a two way process. Teach them to not just respect their elders but also their peers, those under them and specially how to respect themselves. They must respect themselves enough to want to be true to their dreams and goals. They must learn to love their capacities and who they are. Similarly they must lead to appreciate others and to be able to earn their respect.

There are hundreds of things that you could teach your kid and the above is a meagre few. It is up to you to ensure that you help your kid to be a better citizen, friend, a better person and a better human being. So start early while you still have the time.