What Parents Should Do For Their Preschoolers

Whether your little one is already in preschool or just about to begin, you may be wondering what you can do to help make preschool life better and enhance your child’s learning. The most important thing is that you work closely with your child’s teachers to help the child to make the best of the educational setting. However, if you are looking for a few extra tips from child psychologists, development specialists, and early childhood educators, here is a collection to start with.

Encourage Cooperation

Use praise and reinforcement tactics when you child shows even minute cooperative behavior. While some children are naturally cooperative, others may take time to understand the concept. If the teacher at nursery school in Dubai informs you that your child has such a difficulty, you can make a few small efforts at home to change this. Even minor tasks, like passing you an item, if followed by praise, can lead to significant improvement in cooperative behavior. Do not punish the child if they refuse to pass the item, but try waiting in silence and averting your gaze from them until they do give it to you. Even scolding can be a form of reinforcement for bad behavior as the ‘reward’ that the child seeks is attention. These techniques will most likely be used by the teacher as well, but it is important that parents and teachers perform similar techniques to encourage appropriate behavior.


Foster Independence

Instead of having high or low expectations of your preschooler, you can more suitably foster an independent spirit by giving the child tasks that are challenging for their skill level, but still attainable. Always follow successful attempts with praise. If the task is too challenging, the child can lose confidence and develop low self-esteem. If the task is too easy, the child can develop overconfidence, which can later grow into inflated ego or narcissistic tendencies in adulthood. Give the child more opportunities to do things on his or her own. If they make a mistake, ask them to try again. If they err again, show them the correct method and give them one more try. Overcoming such a challenge without parental assistance can foster confidence and independence.


Teachers in nursery schools will not be using the disciplinary tactics your parents raised you on. Most experts agree that scolding and punishment is not the best course of action, and it is best that you are consistent with what is being done at school. As mentioned, the best way of encouraging a particular behavior is through praise and reward. However, you must not reward every time the good behavior is performed, as the child may grow to expect and then demand. Instead of using punishment for bad behavior, have a normal conversation with the child about the behavior. Ask them what they think they did wrong and why it was wrong. Give them the opportunity to explain without reprimanding them. This will allow them the chance to become self-aware and take responsibility. Ask them what they think would be the right way, and show them if they do not know. Then give them the opportunity to perform the correct behavior, after which they can be rewarded with praise.

Now that you have this information and the tips from child development experts and teachers, you should be a lot better equipped to make sure your preschooler has the right early experiences.