Ways To Have Best Hair Style For Short Hair

Lots of celebrities have started to cut off their hair. At hearing this many women have been curious to know how it would look if they did the same. The answer is affirmative as long as they possess the right kind of hair style for themselves. Couple of well known hairstylists have got together to help the women to find the best short hairstyles for their shape of face. Many famous celebrities have been wearing the pixie. The pixie looks great on any as long as it is done correctly. Girls who have high forehead are suggested to go for a longer side swept like Rihanna it helps hiding the forehead at the same brings attention to the girls’ beautiful, pretty eyes. Girls who possess round face pixie will fit in exactly for them.


They should make sure that they keep the sides as short as possible and the top should be of course kept long. Women who have oval faces or high cheek bones need not regret as they too can wear pixies and get them cut the various styles they desire to do so. Women who cut or style their hair must always keep in mind that their goal is make their face look like oval shaped. They should achieve this at any cost if they are willing to look great. It is a blessing for the fairer sexes because they have 51 Top Rihanna Hairstyles That Are Worth Trying For Every Girl. Lucky are the ones who already have oval shaped face as every hairstyle would look as if it has been made for them.

Size And Length Of The Face And Body Does Not Matter At All

Women who have bold and strong personality along with oval faces can wear pixies and they can cut down to the size they require or wish and show off themselves. Hairstyles that are little shorter and longer than chin length will no doubt suit women who have thin, long face. They should also make sure to choose a hairstyle which has deep side part as they only it give a complete look to their face and make it appear further oval shaped. Women with cheek bones are the luckiest ones for they can get away with any kind of hairstyle. In other words any kind of hairstyle would give them a great look.  Most women are of the opinion short hairstyles would make their necks appear longer the mantra for that is never cut hair above the chin.