Yeti Butting –The Latest New College Trend

Nowadays the hottest new trend hitting the beach and the hot girls are sitting on a yeti cooler in their bathing suit. It is so popular that there is even an Instagram account dedicated to the new trend and the idea is pretty self-explanatory.  The yeti coolers are very stronger and tough but durability is just one of the benefits of the yeti and this cooler is among the best-insulated coolers on the market today. Every now and then something cool happens on the college campus that sparks the latest trend and one such trend that is super hot right now is this. Ample bottomed babes all over the country are popping a squat on the popular yeti coolers and have their friends snap photos of them from the back. Just about anyone can take a crake at yeti butt and no butts are discriminated against. All you will need is a yeti cooler and a butt preferably in a string bikini. You can yeti butting on your own or otherwise you can invite you friends to join with you. For some reason, the girls keep coming back to the ones with multiple girls on the coolers and yeah haters might call this a thirst trap.

Yeti butting

The birthday suit butts are one type of yeti butts in this type some girls choose to nix the bottoms completely and go base based on the cooler. The other girls take it to the next level and they use three coolers instead of the original one and you might think that there is no beneficial component about this trend. This trend is kindling school spirit and many girls are taking the opportunity to show some school pride and they wear their school flags and colors. The key to a perfect yeti butting is to arch your back and then apply considerable pressure on that yeti and only then will you achieve that desirable look. Not to let any opportunity go to waste many sorority girls are hiding their faces and using the challenge to promote their sororities just in time for rush. A little side boob never hurt anybody and have you ever seen a butt on a cooler that you are liked better. The yeti coolers were going to sponsor any girls through those prices college student loans and they vote for these girls. But to be very honest they could not go wrong with any girls they choose.