Various Uses Of Cannabis Plant

The genus Cannabis belongs to the Cannabaceae family of the Rosales. It compromises of flowering plants which is has three species; which are known as Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. It should be note that these three species compromises of several plants. These plants have a wide range of uses from the medicinal point of view to the industrial uses. The plant has a long awaiting history, which is traced to the period when humans were just being nomads. It is estimated that there are more than 50,000 commercial uses and several other medicinal uses. It should be noted that there are ill effects and side effects of using these kinds of plants as a medicine.

Cannabis biomass is one of the most important uses of cannabis. Biomass involves the conversion of plant material into fuel usually done by the process of gasification.  It can be seen that biomass can produce any form of energy. It has been approved by FDCA shows that their biomass equation is more applicable when cannabis biomass is used. Moreover it is said that there is no potential environmental pollutants released as by product compared to radioactive substances. It was estimated that hundred and forty six billion tons of biomass was produced per annum. By implementing this type of energy production we will be able to save earth from various environmental hazards such pollution, acid rain and this will positively act and reverse the greenhouse effect.


The other important use of Cannabis is the hemp seed protein powder obtained from hemp seeds. There is a huge history of people living just by eating these hemp seeds by making them into various food items like gruel.

Modernised food product of hemp seed is the protein powder which supplied nearly 21 amino acids among which are 9 essential amino acids which body cannot produce on its own self and will need it to be supplied externally in diet. It is very good for athletes who are taking in additional protein powders since, hemp plant is considered very useful and harmless. Visit this link for more information regarding the hemp seeds in Australia.

Last but not the least marijuana belonging to the same family is the latest question in the world of science, development and medicines. Marijuana is one of the drugs which is proven to give unhealthy highs and is considered as a lethal drug. But, latest studies and miracles around the world show otherwise. Yes, marijuana is a drug but a useful drug which can be used for medicinal purposes. It has been legalised in several states. It is now considered cure for several killer diseases like AIDS, HIV, cancer and several others. It should not be used as a recreational drug. But it is better than alcohol and nicotine drugs based on drug dependence. Marijuana drug addicts are proven to show lesser dependence to the drug compared to other drugs.