The Basic Attributes Of Architecture In Modern Homes

Architecture is a very broad subject which has its roots in the ancient human civilizations. From ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian civilizations to medieval time’s architecture, renaissance architecture and contemporary architecture, the field has reached its most developed stage of modern architecture. There are special features and elements that are specific to modern architecture and those attributes that define modern architecture are streamlined throughout this article.


The most basic element of modern architecture is simplicity in its form and design and the aspect of clutter-free surrounding. A modern furnished serviced apartment is mostly concentrated on the space. The modern belief is that “less is more” and accordingly do not attempt to fill the house with furniture, house décor and other such decorative items. The homes in modern architecture are simple as well as clean and functional. Even the aesthetic aspects are quite simple and minimum.

Nothing to hide

Modern architecture does not attempt to hide anything. All designs are very bold and reveal the true nature of things. No piece of furniture or design is hidden or altered to make it look like something else. Mostly the beams and structural elements are open to any viewer and a lot of glass is used to keep the homes open and exposed to natural light. You can also check the serviced suite by visiting the great site using this link http://dashsuites.com/about-us/.

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Linear love

Most modern furnished serviced apartments as well as modern homes are full of linear aspects in their designs. Most traditional buildings include curves like arches, domes and other sorts of non-linear designs. Yet modern architecture includes very bold designs in beams, windows, stair cases, roofs and almost all parts of the house. Lines are used in all designs and they are mostly straight or angled than curved in all modern home designs.

Roof designs

In most traditional houses roofs that are triangular can be commonly seen. Modern architects have dropped the traditional triangular shaped roof designs and moved on to much complicated designs. Roofs are designed with multiple roof lines at different levels that show off the complexity of the overall design of the house. Modern homes are more than just a home which also has an artistic view to it.

Open plans

Most modern homes are designed with open floor plans. The dining area, sitting area, kitchen and the fire place are not hidden or separated from each other. All these areas are usually open floor spaces in modern architecture unlike the traditional homes which were designed with sunken spaces for private lounging.


Windows are very much used in modern architectural designs and they are mostly sliding windows from top to bottom of a wall. This is mostly to bring in a lot of natural light inside the house and to provide a feeling of freedom and openness.