The Experience As A First Year In College

If you are waiting to go to college, you need to know what happens in your first year. Your first year will be the most active year since you will be meeting new friends, joining new clubs and societies, joining a sports team and many more.

Most universities take up a program named First Year Experience, most commonly known as FYE to help students cope with the transition from high school to college. They are introduced to many new activities and are guided along the way to discover their talents and skills so that they can choose their intended major or pathway.

As soon as you walk into college with all those boxes and gifts for new university students given by your parents and relatives, you might feel a bit anxious but also excited. You are walking into a whole new world and experience filled with opportunities that will mould your future and career.

In FYE the first step is the orientation program where all students are enrolled and then given an opportunity to walk around campus with a senior and get to know the place. They even might give gifts for new university students.


Next a seminar will be held. Here, the head of campus and other officials will address you and talk about rules and regulations of college and other necessary points regarding college life. After the seminar, you will be able to meet new people, talk and get to know them and make friends. Remember, friends make your college life memorable. It is obvious that the lessons you’ve learned will only be of use for a job but experiences and memories will be for life. So choose your friends wisely.

Next you will get the chance of joining new clubs. There will be poetry, drama, painting and other societies and will also have sports teams. Do make use of your talents since if you perform well, you might still be eligible for scholarships. Read this article to find out more about high quality packs of essentials for college student.

Study groups and research groups will be formed next. Students with the same major will be grouped and lead by a senior so that they can get together, do research projects, learn more and also have fun. If some students are uncertain and undecided of their major, they will be grouped together and opened up for a wider range of activities. Also, if you are funding your own tuition money, you can get an internship so that you could work part time and study too.

However, it should be kept in mind that though college life will be amazing, it can turn bad if you do not pay attention to your surroundings. There will be many people offering you illegal or unethical stuff. Know what is right and keep out of trouble.